COVID-19 crisis – what needs to be done

We have not seen such a crisis since the Great Depression. Just this fact, talk about how much the COVID-19 19 crisis has impacted our world.

Widening poverty and inequality are the most important danger that could arise from the pandemic. There is also a real risk that this will be felt in the coming years. It is not just important, but an obligation that countries use everything in their power to prevent this jobs crisis from turning into a social crisis. The solution is to rebuild a better and stronger job market.

Intrinsic investment is what must be done to avoid further poverty and inequality. Due to the COVID-19 collapse, millions of people have been unable to work, which has led to a collapse in activity and therefore unprecedented job losses. Unemployment is expected to be 10% in OECD countries by the end of 2020 and to reach 12% if the second pandemic wave arrives. Only after 2021 is employment expected to recover.

What they say about the impact of the crisis. The jobs crisis is affecting some workers even more: Young people facing a tough job market Women and low-paid workers are more likely to face unemployment Part-time, temporary and independent workers are suffering the most from the crisis. Fortunately, countries have provided an exceptional level of support.

And, they must use every tool they have at hand to provide it to the most vulnerable, while working to rebuild better and stronger job markets.

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