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What is Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a simple and straightforward concept and a management tool widely used by employers all across the world.

It consists of a triangular relationship between three distinct parties usually employed when work organizations, for several reasons, require additional manpower on a temporary basis to respond to specific needs.

Three parties

  • A – Worker
  • B – Temporary Staffing Agency
  • C – Client/User firm

The worker (A) is employed by the Temporary Staffing Agency (B) – the employer of record (or legal employer), who then posts the worker to his Client/User Firm (or economic employer) (C).

The legal employer (B) is responsible for paying salaries and all other employment related costs and also holds disciplinary power over the worker (A). The Client/User firm (C) directs, controls, supervises and benefits from the labour provided by the worker (A). The Client/User firm (C) pays the Temporary Staffing Agency (B) for having provided the worker (A) to perform work from which they benefitted.

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Advantages of Temporary Staffing

  • FREEDOM from paperwork, headaches and COSTS of the recruitment and selection process, and also from the huge burden of payrolling
  • GREATER flexibility – provides opportunity to assess worker performance before making decision to hire
  • FINDING workers quickly
  • ACCESS to a wider and better qualified pool of candidates
  • NO responsibility for medical examinations
  • IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT of employees who do not live up to expectations
  • BENEFITS of having HR consulting and support services
  • ENSURES production levels remain unchanged during periods of increased demand for goods and services

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Why Work With Us

There are so many temporary staffing agencies to choose from – why choose to work with us to service temporary staffing needs?

In brief:

  • Fully licensed agency
  • Strict compliance with laws and regulations
  • Highly competitive fees
  • Disciplined staff with great performance
  • Unmatched levels of assiduity
  • 24/7 support
  • Very quick and effective solutions for manpower needs

AND, what most distinguishes us from other staffing agencies:

  • Ability to respond in a matter of days to employers’ needs for manpower – even if an extremely large number of workers are required

At Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Lda there is no shortage of manpower.


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